fool backwards. you say loof because it sounds a lot better than fool. but, it basically means the same; that the person being called a loof is an idiot.
jake: “aha. look at max fail.”
ben: “yeah! he’s such a freaking loof!”
loofing is when a girl lies on her neck with her body in the air, legs spread, v-g-n- accessible. then, the guy will sh-t inside of her v-g-n-.
i got emily really drunk and loofed her last night at mike’s party!
meanz the same thing as fool.
“that was my c-ke, you f-cking loof.”
another word for p-n-s or d-ck
a bro you see that fine chick right there you better get your loof wet bro before some other dude do.
n. an -sshole; a douche
you are the biggest loof i’ve ever met.
a loof is a cross between a loser and a doof.
donkey lips gelfand: i definitely don’t want to be a loof.
to loof is when the s-x-partner will sh-t inside of her v-g-n- during s-xual intercourse. loofing is usually done when the woman is lying on her back with spread legs.
example: “oh, man! i’d so like to loof that girl right now!”

example 2: “dang! i almost loofed belinda at her place yesterday when her mom caught us!”

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