a word for gay!
i saw on elton jhon today, what a lostream

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  • love glove

    see condom “use a love glove man.” a condom see condom love glove is a term meaning condom used when in a situation where you want to cut chances of tension by using a sillier version. (at work) hey, chad, i don’t think your wife can take another birth. next time, use a love glove! […]

  • lunkenheimer

    an evil person, not worthy of taking up valuable breathing sp-ce. a thief, doofus, idiot, cheat, -ss, and otherwise fool. lucky he hasn’t been arrested or beaten as of yet. o man, there’s that lunkenheimer -sshole. there goes lunkendouche, stealing from hardworking people. hey, cheating again, lunkenheimer? you’ll get nowhere in life, big surprise.

  • captian save a hoe

    the m-th-rf-ck-r that will help a hoe…when she in a tight spot my tire is flat…will u come change it?…will u be my captian save a hoe

  • ging gongs are goolied

    this refers to having sweaty t-st-cl-s. ” my ging gongs are goolied! ”

  • ginging

    a ginger doing something that a ginger would stereotypically do. the act of committing a ginger action. that ginger was ginging as he skipped through the plaza. the act of b-tching of a ginger ginging person 1: that ginger sl-t scottish corruption of minging. to be minging/minger. arrghh…thats pure ginging!

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