lay on the floor and moan
they be lotfamin all the time

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  • pinochet helicopter

    a joyous experience that any self respecting social justice warrior should volunteer for.involves being bundled onto a helicopter and thrown from a great height,usually into the pacific ocean. the whiny b-tch could not back up her arguments,so we put her on a pinochet helicopter and threw her into the pacific.

  • Simoen

    a simoen is a funny little creature, he generally is a weaboo, he kind of looks like kim jong un, he has a ton of circles, if simoen ever needed to get out of prison he could use his long -ss v-neck to climb out, he swears he’s not gay… but he kind of is… […]

  • bacon rim shot

    when you cover a b-tthole in bacon bits proceed to pound the sh-t out of it pull out and nut on the hole for dressing, you then eat out the freshly made b-tthole, bacon, and j-zz salad. i enjoy doing bacon rim shots

  • endurant

    coming from the french language it describes someone who is tough. “don’t give up, be a bit more endurant.” “he is quite endurant if it comes to that.”

  • go ninja

    hoping that no one is aware you are around- trying to go about your business undetected, as if you are invisible… i think i’ll go ninja until my love bite goes away.

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