louisiana tech

a tier 1 university, whose students comprise of nerds or rednecks. the university itself is in need of a remodeling after standing for over 100 years, but that’s to be expected. it is relatively small for its high ranking in education, and surprisingly cheap. in 2016 the school was unfortunately desecrated by individuals of racist beliefs, a sad act correlating to the demographic beliefs of the surrounding populous. the students there are either really smart and hard working who will leave with a science, engineering, or education degree, or those who will get a degree relating to sports and alcohol, that is easy to achieve. overall, louisiana tech is a great school, but be weary of the beliefs of the locals in correlation to your background.
individual 1: “i’m going to louisiana tech, it’s cheaper to go there then all of our in-state colleges, and offers a higher education”
individual 2: “you mean a community college for rednecks, you idiot.”
(years later)

individual 2: “long time, no see. how have you been ever since you went to that red neck community college?”
individual 1:” well i have an engineering degree, make 6 figures a year, nearly paid off my loans, and for the record ‘tech’ is short for polytechnic, not technical, so no its not a community college, and a good bit of the students are red neck, but the education is anything but .”
individual 2:” what? i got an engineering degree too, but i don’t make that much and i still have tons of loans.”
individual 1:”well you should have gone to one of the best engineering universities in the country, like me.”

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