a witty combination of the o rly owl internet phenomenon. it started as a b-st-rdization of lol with the constant banter between owl photos. it is literally the added cute humour of the owl and lol
‘oh rly?’

a made up word that doesn’t really mean anything.
annette: “lowl”
emma: “i don’t know what you mean. are you laughing? why don’t you just say ha ha or lol?”
captioned picture of owls that make you lol.
wehn lol, lmao, lmf–, n rofl just dont cut it..
#1- yo!
#2- what?
#1- its senyor wude!
#2- lowls!
a combination of “lol” and “lawl” which will come to “lowl” meaning like a laugh but a “i dont give a sh-t” mixed in.
beaner : hey , did you see that flaming h-m- s-xual?
beaner #2 : lowl.
beaner : f-ck you then. =/
laughing out wickedly loud; the british equivilant of lol.
me and my ol chap dennis had a great time at the movies, we watched a comedy and lowl-ed the whole time.
lowl is say “roffle” but no diffneret ok lowl lowl roffle
man go “lowl”

i say “thats kool”

he go “baamoooo lowl”

i say “what”

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