Lunar Conspiracy

a m-ssive conspiracy involving a secret coalition of nasa, astronomers, religious groups, geographers, and the like to keep the public tricked into believing that a large satellite, known as ‘the moon’, is orbiting our planet. methods may range anywhere from the use of holograms to outright brainwashing and indoctrination.
1) for years i bought into the lunar conspiracy. it was only recently that the truth was revealed to me: there is no such thing as the moon.
2) those lunar conspiracists are a bunch of post-neomarxist sub-reactionary proto-facist moonhugging b-st-rds!
utter codswallop. a theory that states that the moon doesn’t exist, when it so obviously does. apparently, the moon is a hologram.
‘why believers in the lunar conspiracy theory think that people would waste perfectly good money projecting a moon-shaped hologram onto nothing (which, by the way, wouldn’t work) completely defeats me. some people are really untrusting.’

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