is a gay kevinator0122
vadim grinded a lunaticliving

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  • wake and bake

    can also be used as a noun: a person who wakes and bakes on a regular basis, gets high a lot, is almost always high. person 1: that new boy in our cl-ss is so cute! person 2: aye! but don’t waste your time, i have heard that he is a wake and bake. toking […]

  • string cheese

    a slang term for a p-n-s smaller than 4 inches i don’t like you, brad, you have a string cheese. first of all: anyone else sick of these random sh-tty r-t-rded s-x terms for everyday definitions? see the definition by j.d. anyways, string cheese is one of the best kind of cheeses out there, very […]

  • tokism

    noun: the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places where the use of cannabis is legal. now that pot’s legal in so many us states, tokism has really taken off in these areas

  • trumpacabra

    political creature that sucks the life out of its’ chosen political party. the trumpacabra sucked what little life was left from the republican party.

  • power flour

    another word for cocaine ric: want some of that power flour? james: what’s that? ric: some of that c-ke! it’s a h-ll of a drug james: let’s go get some booger sugar

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