an indulgence, something that’s elegant, something that’s very expensive and brings great ease and comfort. sumptuous living. something rare and difficult to obtain.
palm trees, rolls royce, a villa.

a luxury condiminium.
a luxury car.
a luxury yacht.
a situation or place that makes someone comfortable and having the convenience to do so.
bob has the luxury of moving into a sp-cious office on the second floor.
to be on top of the world. the pleasure of being able to do anything and buy anything at any given time without having to worry about money issues. to be stress and care free of money and other valuable expenses.
man, that girl alisa is so luxury. she could buy the world if she wanted to. bill gates and warren buffet have nothing on her!
lying on a bed of silk and roses, face pressed against the pillow, boutique chocolates tumbling from your mouth, masterbating furiously, in a french chalet.
brennan “hows life glenn?”
glenn “the epitome of luxury”
brennan “gross”
when something is over the top cool, like so amazingly awesome that you simply cannot.
dude 1: dude, that new red yeti song is luxury man.

dude 2: yeah babe, pure lux.

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