text-messaging abbreviation for “linguistics”.
y r u l8 4 lx cl-ss?
in theatre, an initialism for “lights.” typically called by the stage manager with a number denoting the cue number to be executed by the lighting board op.
stage manager: stand by lx 34 through 38.

board op: standing by.

stage manager: lx34 go.

board op (after the cue’s fade time is over): complete.
pretty much the “fetch” in mean girls in replacement of “xo” or something else slightly more normal (despite however much cringe-worthy).

basically what dweebs say because they’re trying to make up a new abbreviation that will never be cool because,

a) they’re the only ones saying it.
b) no one knows what it means.
“ur sh-t
love u
lx”, random post to a friend on facebook that is both meaningless and dim-wittingly pointless.
a total failure in life
kyle is totally an lx
lx = alex
l x 4 goat c
losers x-travaganza
clan lx is gay.

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