super g-y
lynk is g-y
a male cougar (usually 35+) interested in dating/mating panthers (younger ladies 18-30). these numbers are never set in stone. the main difference between a lynks and a “sugar daddy” is that a lynks has morals, knows right from wrong, and will never exploit his mate. a “sugar daddy” will financially support his “prey” , and most likely will ask for many questionable things in return regardless how degrading it may be.

a true lynks will choose to date/mate only 1 panther, even in a fwb/nsa relationship. a lynks does not consider his mate as a “prey”, “prize” or “trophy” to put on display, rather, a lynks considers his mate to be his pride.
jill is in her 20s and wants to date/see/mate with someone without the h-ssle of a relationship as she studies and works part time. guys in her age group are immature, and run after anything and anyone that moves in a skirt, or that has a pulse. she prefers an older person.

the panther (jill) will definitley consider dating/seeing/mating a lynks.

-dude, check out the hot university chick with the rack!
-don’t bother bro, that panther is with a lynks.

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