madeline’s are smart and caring. they never give up and when they do they change big time they normally fake smile to keep people from questions they are activists and deep down inside they have a very dark dark side. they are great friends for anyone to habe but an irreplaceable girlfriend if you loose her she is very talented in almost every way and she knows it and isn’t afraid to brag about it. she extremely beautiful but thinks she looks ugly. even tho she has a rockin body and knows how to work with it. madylines are normally below 5’4 and with brown or raven black hair with green or brown eyes they are thicc queens that will prove it. they are really good in the bed too. they think they are very misunderstood and that no one cares they think they aren’t good enough for anyone so they put themselves down. they are very broken hearted they are shy and scared to trust anyone in the fear of being hurt. they don’t fall in live easily but when they do they really do love who they fall for. they are very wise in words and understanding for situations. they want to work out things they want them to talk to them and tell them everything so they know what someone thinks and how to help. they most likely enjoy being out with friends and have a secret talent for skateboarding
if you have a madyline do not let her go it’s the worst thing you can do and if she shows you she’s in love with you you are one lucky boy. don’t ever break her heart if you do she will never be the same.
“d-mn dude you got that madyline girl”

“dude did you see that madyline girl”

“man i’m so lucky i have a madyline in my life”
“mmmmmm that madyline looks fine asf in that dress”

“god man i wish i had a madyline”

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