a slng use for the word “my”.
mah = my. as in “my grammar sucks”.
“mah” and its variations can be used to any emotion. because of its short, blunt nature all one must do to change the meaning of the word is to change the style of how it is pr-nounced; also with appropriately added facial expressions. to express anger one must say “mah!!” with the appropriate angered facial expression. happiness is also expressed with “mah!!”, but with a slight lift on the ‘a’ rather than the the downward pitch of the angry form. indifference is shown with more of a “meh” sound.
“mah” is one the most versatile words in the english language. it can express almost anything as long as it is pr-nounced, emphasized, and coreographed correctly.
if your having problems expressing yourself with this wonder of a word, youre probably thinking too much about the usage. just follow your heart and let the word speak for itself. the mah will never dissapoint.
often used to mean my,or me.
“no kitty,this is mah pot pie!”
my. mine.

1) often used when talking over the internet.
2) used in certain 4chan memes.
1) who’s pic is that?
it’s mah pic.

2) i’ma chagin mah lazahz!
somthing that is said at any random time; is also good for a navigational system to say
what is the answere to that question

an acronym for “midnight adventure happens.”
mah is a celebration by two or more bros that typically involves drinking, mario kart, and life talks.

it is best celebrated in a starlit field or other outdoor location, although one’s bas-m-nt may be used as a subst-tute during the winter months.

as made apparent by the name, mah must be celebrated past midnight.
tracy grew annoyed by all of the drunken texts she received from putnam and murphy, who were celebrating mah together.
floridians use this word as a complaining whine or grunt.
“let’s go shopping!”

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