mahnoor means in arabic light of the moon.
ahh….that mahnoor is soooo beautiful!! i could look at the sky all night!
mahnoor literally means ‘moonlight’ in arabic.

mahnoors’ are known for their cl-ss and elegance. they are the prettiest and hottest girls in the world, actually, the universe. they are clever, witty and very sensible. their confidence is what gives them a hint of s-xy. they are also known to be very attractive and can make guys fall for them easily. although they may be a little self-centered at times, they are good friends & are always there to help others. mahnoors are leaders, and once they set their minds to doing something, they will do it! they are the best thing that can ever happen to you.

advise: don’t let your mahnoor go.
girl 1: how do i look? perfect, huh?
girl 2: stop trying to be mahnoor, trust me, you’re far from that.
mahnoors can be timid when you meet them, but get to know them more and you will really appreciate them. tend to be very trustworthy, but it takes a lot for a mahnoor to trust another. loves music. romance is her jam. a big flirt, but never a sl-t. falls in and out of love too easily and mahnoors have a lot of friends. finds it hard to lie. thinks whatever she does it right, and usually is. totally funny. hard to find!! mahnoor is someone you definitely should keep in your life.
(n.) a beatiful girl like no other

(n.) an amazing girlfriend that eyes are incredibly beautiful. one gaze and you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with her.

(n.) a girl that has the best personality in the world. one that is always loved.
did you see that mahnoor’s eyes! i’m in love.
the hottest prettiest smartest girls . girls that have the name mahnoor are known to have the prettiest features on earth or in fact in the whole universe. they are the sweetest girls ever but if a mahnoor dose not like you then they can be a b-tch to you .

mahnoor is a popular persian name which means light of the moon .
sam: d-mn look at mahnoor over there

waleed: yeah man prettiest chick at this club
1. just plain…..stupid!
2.a boy crazzzzzyyy girl!!
3. a stupid biotch!
oh no!! you got stuck with the stupid!! aka the mahnoor!

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