a mystical, seemingly non-sense word joyfully repeated several times in the infamous “manamana” music video featuring wonderful muppets. only true muppets understand this fuzzy concept. heehee!
manamana! too-do-to-do-to, manamana! to-do-to-do-to…
originally created by the muppets, this rather addictive and annoying song also appeared on a coca cola commercial, where it became more familiar in the public eye. its really annoying at times.
person 1: manamana!
person 2: doot-doo, do, do, do…
person 3: g-d, you’re all so d-mn annoying.

an amusing word recited several times in the well known “diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper” commercial. this word has was very quickly spread throughout the entire united states and everyone who uses it immediatley becomes very gleeful.
manamana, do dooo do do do, manamana, do do do do

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