the coolest thing on the planet, any girl would fall for him. these guys are always starting off at a low level but boosting up to a quality personality.
wow, he’s turned out to be such a manav
an excessively awesome person, or a person who possesses a high intelligence level (rendering part of the person’s awesomeness).
“yo bro i was doing like 150 there eh”

“bro stop fronting you ain’t no manav”
a f-cking hot m-th-f-cka, with a 9m d-ck, s-xy body and cute face.
look at his d-ck, it looks as if hes pulling a manav.
the act of growing a full on moustache, professor style, before shaving it off and thus demoting yourself to a lower level of cool.

this may be accompanied by a hair cut that really was needed.
what a manav!
a sl-ty guy with a tic tac d-ck .
antara:fick me karan. karan:i cant i am a manav .

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