relating to or acting like the musical artist, marilyn manson.
“it is very mansonesque to have a sock man”

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  • Mansturbate

    when a guy m-st-rb-t-s while thinking of another man. can also apply to lesbians or anyone who is normally attracted to women in any other circ-mstance i like girls, but i would go gay for (insert guy here). i even mansturbated to him last night the same as regular masturbation, but more aggressive and manly. […]

  • Catch Present

    a present given from wife to husband at the birth of their child. it reciprocates the push present given from husband to wife. named for husband’s job to catch the baby on delivery. gift should be double value in event of female child. wow, my friend just got a new car as a catch present […]

  • Category hater

    a person who gets p-ssed off when a mysp-ce friend puts them in a friend category. idiot: yeah, im deleting you. categories are f—ing annoying. and to make one to p-ss people off is seriously immature. get a life me: pshhh, you category hater

  • catrandy

    catrandy is a guy that thinks he’s a cat. he tends to meow all the time and doesnt clean his litter box. he likes drinking “milk.” he has dark hair and cat eyes(yellow). i was at the pet shop and i saw a cat and it reminded me of catrandy.

  • manure salesman

    (n). see sh-t spreader. i really hanging out with alex. it’s too bad that i found out that he was a major manure salesman.

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