Marseille handshake

consists of a thunderous headb-tt to the sternum (chest) of an adversary, with no recoil of the neck. when administered, it is more effective if the total weight of both the upper and lower body is simultaneously transferred towards the opponent, thus flooring the receiving party. the move was made famous by zinedine zidane of the french national soccer team during the final match of the 2006 world cup. it gained renown after leveling italian national team defender marco materazzi to the ground of the pitch following a torrent of verbal abuse directed at zidane with respect to his mother, sister, and heritage. the m-rs-ille handshake is the only logical recourse when one’s honour has been impugned to such an extent that mere verbal retaliation is insufficient, and simple bodily harm induced by fists and/or feet will not do the job.
after andrew impugned ron’s manhood, ron greeted him with a m-rs-ille handshake.

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