an absolutely beautiful and outstanding girl. super unique, and the most selfless person anyone will ever meet. she is a dreamer who is super creative, and not afraid to share her ideas. she cares deeply about her friends and is very good at empathizing with others. she is incredibly talented, and everyone can see it, even when she can’t. her smile is contagious, and her hair is flawless. she is loyal and trustworthy. she is always here for you, and she won’t ever judge you for anything you trust her with. she is a true gem of a friend, definitely a keeper. don’t be alarmed or offended if a maryevelyn does not always want to be around you, she is introverted and needs some sp-ce to breathe. she values her alone time almost as much as she values her friends. if you are friends with a maryevelyn, know you are very blessed. you won’t find anyone else quite like her.
maryevelyn is the most unique person i’ve ever met. there’s no one else i know that’s quite like her.

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