a hot girl with a bubble b-tt and loves sport bras .
she’s a mashaya.

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  • tamale ass

    a sensation that occurs when someone digests more than ten in one day, so later your -sshole burns because of the amount of tamales digested. “omar has a serious tamale -ss.”

  • ranga wanga

    when a orangutan gets hard dude that orangutan has a ranga w-nga

  • sadira

    a cool gal who you always would want to talk to. “hey sadira, wanna talk through skype?”

  • braya

    brayas are beautiful girls. they have a lot of friends! they get all the boys and usually have brown or blonde hair “is that braya” “yeah she is so pretty i wish i was her”

  • missmuffettuffet

    when you paint someones b-tt and expand it so it looks like a tuffet. d-mn, my girlfriend looked so hot once i gave her a missm-ffettuffet!

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