matt maggio – ing

the process of being narcissistic and having multiple relationships, while also sleeping with many other girls. gas-lighting women/people while unable to tell the truth and be a decent person.
“i’m only seeing one person, i have never cheated. matt maggio -ing” ” why are you accusing me of still being with her? i’m stuck living with her because i’m helping pay her hospital bill and she has no where else to go. matt maggio – ing” “she knows we are technically broken up, but is hoping we will get back together. i need to play along while i still live with her because she’s already threatened to call the cops on me once. matt maggio – ing” “don’t talk to her, because that could end me in jail. matt maggio – ing” “i’m not seeing any one else and i don’t think i can date anyone because my grandpa is dying of cancer and i’ll be going back and forth from new york a lot. i won’t have the time. matt maggio – ing” (has a girlfriend while matt maggio – ing) ” i’m still finding random girl sh-t from when my friend troy and his friends partied here after a concert. matt maggio – ing” “i just have a yeast infection on the tip of my d-ck because of the humidity and now it’s dry and irritated. matt maggio – ing”

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