on her own thing , makes money and very smart and kind but is also a fighter if anyone trys her. all she thinks about is money nothing else.
cl-ssy but rowdy
your coming like maurellee

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  • lords pinch

    when you get a fresh can of chewing tabacco and it is not completely full. appearing to already have a dip takin out. i swear, the lords pinch ‘n hoglegs outa my copenhagen tin. it’s never like this when i buy grizzly.

  • shiney d*ck

    a person who only works when the boss is looking. yo you the way gino picked up that shove as soon as the owner pulled up, looks like we found another (shiney d-ck)

  • brucarius

    a n-gg- who run da streets thinks he’s a good dad will suck your d-ck for weed has a good music taste. brucarius is sucking d-ck again to his own alb-m

  • dirty sticky

    when you cover someone’s sh-t in honey and shove it back in them bro i can’t wait to give a dirty sticky to my girlfriend

  • green chef

    when you shove a head of lettuce in a man’s b-tt and top it with croutons. the croutons must be organic. “what kind of stuff did you get into last night?” “let’s just say she gave me a green chef.” “d-mn, i love organic croutons”

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