noun. generic last name for someone (male or female) who is all fluff and no real substance. does not live up to expectations or promises. like a real mickey d’s mcm-ffin… looks good, seems good, and maybe even smells good but nothing “good” is there in reality. all fluff and no substance.

can also be used as an adjective i.e. “mcm-ffined”
yup, corey mcm-ffin didn’t show up again even though he told us all last week he would.

man that chick is a real mcm-ffin, never gets back to me even tough she said she would
a word to call a close friend or a loved one.
mcm-ffin! i’m so happy you’re home!
a woman with a super-sized m-ffin top.
dayum! check out the mcm-ffin on dat gurl. she bustin’ outta her pants.
a flat chested girl whos chest barley makes a b-mb in her shirt.
dude that girl is such a mc.m-ffin
a tasty morning snack of v-g-n-l fluids provided by a ladyfriend.

the act of eating out your ladyfriend before breakfast because you thirst for her nectar.

– a mcm-ffin is best served hot and ready after an invigorating morning shower.
shortly after waking up in the morning say
“baby, i sure could go for a mcm-ffin. get your booty in the shower.”

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