melbravo (n, adj) a situation that, upon arrival, turns out to be much worse than one expected. a state of being much less enjoyable or fun than one expected.

melbravoed (v) the act of being subjected to a terrible situation after one expects it to be amazing
after waiting all week for a party, you arrive at the party to find that there are only four other guests and they are all dudes eating fondue and playing apples to apples in their pajamas. the situation in a melbravo. the party is melbravo. you’ve been melbravoed.
melbravo (n, adj): a fijian surfing term to describe a situation, normally a party or surf-spot, that is worse than expected.
“dude harry said this spot would be great, the surf is flat. we got melbravoed.”
“dude harry said this spot would be great, the surf is flat. melbravo!”
“dude harry said this spot would be great, the surf is flat. this is f-cking melbravo.”

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