merrimack new hampshire. one of the least diverse places you will ever go. many conservative racist parents and students. and the highschool, which is exactly 95% white and less than 1% black, looks like a low-budget prison. also, the white kids do tend to wear g-unit, ecko, phatpharm, fubu and large chains, despite the fact that they live in the hick new hampshire suburbs
my friends from boston went up to merrimack for a day. they found it hilarious!
merrimack is a town in southern nh and it is full of queefs who live in their own little bubble of a town. the guys there think they’re so hard and rough because they don’t know what the streets are like or how the real world is. the chicks are the same way and usually sl-ts.

if you disagree you either have not been to merrimack or you live in merrimack
merrimack sucks
merrimack, nh is just bedford, nh sans the money, plus a few hi-tech companies, plus a very conservative catholic liberal arts college that no one except the people from right-wing magazines has heard of. borders bedford, litchfield, amherst, and nashua. has the highest number of conservative republicans per capita of everywhere in the state. everyone in merrimack thinks nashua is the most dangerous place on earth. if you move to merrimack you can expect your neighbors to be upper-middle cl-ss, conservative, racist towards hispanics, and white.
henriette: ughhhh i can’t stand living in bedford! it’s soooo boring and everyone is right out of a 50’s tv show.

sophia: just be glad you’re not living in merrimack.
from past posting it is noticed spoiled, uninspired, trash mouth people with nothing positive to do with their lives, except to post negative things about their town like the definithing.. so may they stand corrected.

welcome to the town of merrimack, nh. merrimack is a one hour commute from boston, one hour from the seacoast, and one hour from the mountains, placing this thriving community of approximately 27,000 people right in the heart of it all. it is a town rich in history. for example, matthew thornton, one of the signers of the declaration of independence, called merrimack home.

merrimack is a sleep family town. ( many people find that charming) we have 3 elementary schools, one new middle school, and one (old but functioning) high school.

the student diversity for merrimack is not a broad as one may like to see. but we host students from around the world that add to our community and have many shades of all colors here… not in great numbers but that is just the way it is. there are many “wanna-be” gangsta students that have no outlet for their lives so they pretend… act like somthing they are not. we have jocks, preps, music peeps, and even our drop-outs and knocked up teens.
there are drug issues, fights, and cheating… just like every other school in america. there are also amazing students that have goals, futures that will take them anywhere the want to be. there are amazing teachers that care and go out of the way for students that want and need their attention… yes, not so great teachers too (like everywhere else). there are sports programs for all ages, movies, malls within 15 minutes from both the north and south.
decent food, good entertainment for those that have goals and p-ssions.

this is what is left of small town america… no busses, trains, cabs, or night clubs…. one grocery store that over charges and is not too nice to teen employees, 2 drug stores that are every where else in america. there is nothing special for teens, sadly budget cuts and high taxes prevent much of what could be. our skate board park is open set times, days, and is seasonal… nothing special, but way better than nothing! people with goals and jobs seem to be very inspired and busy. no one forces people to just sit around and rot.

we are 45 minutes from the ocean, have our own town beaches and ponds, camps,….. 40 minutes from good boarding/skiing… and we do our best to be our best… just like everywhere else.
if you choose to fail in life you can here just as easliy and anywhere else in the world. but, if you choose to do good, be good, and try you too can become a success in merrimack. we have students going to harvard, yale, berkley, and the military… community colleges, and schools from all over the world! small town n.h., and many, many of us like it just that way!
merrimack, m-town, south of manchester, north of nashua
merrimack, m-town, south of manchester, north of nashua
merrimack,nh. also known as m-town is a small town in new hampshire whose largest building is a rundown warehouse that is their poor excuse for a high school. the high school has about 1500 students who dread each morning because the school is over run with tyranical oppressive teachers whose only hope for a raise relies on the sophmore cl-ss to do well on state testing. this school has air conditioning in about 2 rooms in the entire 2 and a half floor building. amazingly this school manages to get worse every year because the administration feel it necessary to take everything away from the students that they enjoy( spirit week, food in cl-ss , ect) by introducing r-t-rded policies each year.the school parking is a joke, even though the students out number the teachers by about 1400 people, the teachers still have the largest parking lot forcing the students to park at the near by skate park or behind the stores of a few kind business owners. the students at the school fall into two main categorys: prep and poser-goth-wannabe-emo-kids. there are also the small minority of white kids who like to dress and act “gansta” by wearing g-unit, ecko ect… the population of the school is 99% white, 1 percent divided between black and spanish. there is absolutly nothing to do in any part of merrimack whatsoever. good alternatives for moving to merrimack: rat poison, shotgun to face, consistent beating of head into rock wall!!!!
boy: hey man , im moving to merrimack this summer!!
friend: drink this pesticide, you’ll thank me later.

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