perfect in every way. gorgeous, sweet, make you laugh til you pee/fart/barf funny and all around fun to be around. she makes the world keep on turning and no one had real meaning in their lives until she showed up. she’s also very modest. and even her sneezes are cute unlike others who are man like. you haven’t really lived until you have been graced with her smile.
nah, that’s just mikiaya!

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  • Qwertyfiling

    the act of typing in random letters like qwerty as the t-tle for doc-ment because you are too lazy to type in a real word. guy #1: yo, did you study for the math test guy #2: yeah, but when i finished at 4 a.m. i was already qwertyfiling

  • qwertyitis

    (n) a physical ailment, much like tendonitis, where after one falls asleep on the keyboard at work/school/home, he/she wakes up with the imprint of the keys on his/her face. i was pulling an all-nighter and woke up with a bad case of qwertyitis.

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