used by nerdy guys or funny guys pretending to be nerdy to point out an attractive girl
fellow males, mildrid at 5 pie over 2 radians; fuzzleberries the tape on my gl-sses just fell off.

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  • spliffahany

    seeing things,when under the influence of drugs.spliffahany having a epiphany (vision) walst stoned, = spliffahany

  • dooshpeter

    formerly known as “the heisman”. to deny someone, or ignore them. to put your hand up in their face as if to mute someone. “dave was trying to talk to me, but i didn’t give a sh-t so i just gave him the d–shpeter.”

  • Frostersonary

    crazy -n-l s-x as the alligators do it… followed by what some people would consider a sequence of gladiator type wrestling moves all the while keeping the w-ng inserted into the vag… its intense… also spanish for glorious, amazing, and an -rg-smic experience… pretty much the only way to do it if your a gangsta […]

  • Doped Out

    cool, sick, awesome, to be cool or fun or awesome. that roller coaster was doped out.

  • Splinker

    the near mythical combination of spud-unloading coupled with a timely number two . splinker i.e. a simultaneous w-nk and sh-t

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