the near mythical combination of spud-unloading coupled with a timely number two .
splinker i.e. a simultaneous w-nk and sh-t

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  • split arse

    woman. one who’s bottom continues around the front. we need to get some split -rs- in to do the typing. a female. derived from the fact that they possess a split and an -rs-. come here you stupid split-rs-! a girl/of the female s-x i heard that split–rs- take it up the tea-towel holder can […]

  • drop him like a bad habit

    to break up; to end a relationship for your personal well-being; to quickly remove somebody from your social circle that guy is poison to your system – you need to drop him like a bad habit

  • Millville Jawns

    c-nt f-ckers.we hate them, they suck. the end damm those the millville jawns

  • frosting-y

    having strong characteristics of cake frosting. even though this cake topping is whipped cream, it tastes very frosting-y.

  • Splooge Guards

    s-xy, nerdy eyegl-sses on a woman. also handy for giving oral s-x, it wat keeps the splooge out your eyes. “hey, bro… who’s the babe wearing the red splooge guards?”

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