miliano is a guy of strength, mentally and physically. everyone loves miliano and can’t help but treat him with the respect that he deserves. he has great leadership and has great communication skills making him very good with his words and a pleasure to talk to. he appreciates all aspects of life and lives like every day is his last. people love being around his happy, feel-good vibes. family is priority to him and drama doesn’t stand a chance. life is considered very precious to miliano and should be appreciated and lived to the fullest. miliano enjoys and excels at many hobbies that include the outdoors as well as various sports. his love for music is strong and is considered to be one of his p-ssions along with his fascination to travel and see the world. his physical features are god-like and his hair is thick and as mesmerizing as his big beautiful eyes. miliano is the boy all girls drool about with his dreamy looks and charming personality. his build is great and turns heads as a result from working out. miliano has handsomely exotic southern european features that mesmerize. he is sweet, caring, funny and intelligent with great common sense and problem solving skills. he has great intentions and good morals, knowing right from wrong which shows in his actions. miliano is a very easy-going, understanding and friendly person who always has positive views on life, no matter what.
miliano is such an amazing person, i want to be his friend!

miliano is so handsome!

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