a very fan girl like quality; someone who is obsessed with a certain band, lives off of flesh from their fellow clique members.

an adjective to describe how crazy and obsessed someone or something can be. many people would f-ck someone with a name relating to scapicchio, they would tap that booty hard af.
“that girl is so a scapicchio.
i’d f-ck a scapicchio.”

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  • pedometer walker

    person who walks in place of another person in order to add steps to the second person’s pedometer. similar to a dog walker for your dog. i didn’t have time today to do my 10, 000 steps, so i had my paid my son to be my pedometer walker.

  • salty *ss b*tch

    a salty -ss b-tch is a b-tch that has no emotion, always monotoned, and just stays being salty with other b-tches. “why does danielle look so mad all the time?” “i don’t know? she’s probably a salty -ss b-tch.”

  • jaycent

    lit af that science book is jaycent so lit/good. usually followed by kiddd or boiii that meet was so jaycent kiddd

  • tsdm

    that sh-t don’t matter “omg why do you care tsdm hop off my case”

  • joe t*tty

    a skilled trades apprentice who is always clinging to the journeyman and sucking off the t-tty. that daman is a real joe t-tty.

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