milo yiannopolous

a g-y british man who is an avid trump supporter, editor at large of brietbart, a
self proclaimed troll.

he is proud to have been banned from twitter for “inciting hate speech” to leslie jones after the ghostbusters remake in 2016 though he himself never abused her.

milo is referred to as the “queen of the alt-right” but denies he is -ssociated with the group. he speaks at college campuses (and is always protested) about feminism, race, politics, and how the american educational system seems to be biased toward left leaning views and causes.

in early 2017 milo was invited by the republicans of uc berkley (ironically the home of the free speech movement in the 60s) to speak and the event had to be canceled because of liberal leftist rioting and attacking attendees of the event. the reaction to milos event was seen as hypocritical because liberals, who condemn milo and the alt-right as facist, used facist tactics (violence) to silence views they disagree with.
sara: can you believe the riot at uc berkley over milo yiannopolous?

amber: that was insane!

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