an expression of positive affirmation described by the usage tone.

(originated in 2005: minneapolis, mn and milwaukee, wi)


examples of -n-logous usage:

“minah.” = cool
“minah!” = very cool
“minah!” = excellent
“minaaaaah.” = cool and unantic-p-ted

person 1: “meet you at the bar around 10?

person 2: “minah.”


person 1: “i found a ticket to tomorrow’s sold-out game for you.”

person 2: “minaaaaah!”
the opposite of mats.

the female sub-culture of the malay community in singapore, or neighbouring malaysia. they wear tapered pants, g-strings and uber tight clothes when they know they’re f-cking fat. how these mats still get turned on by them is beyond anyone.

how to identify them:
1-at an average of 5 words, the word ‘sial’, or ‘siak’ or ‘siol’ will be used. these words are phrase emphasisers like fug or sh-t in their mother tongue, malay.

2-they are f-cking anoying hoes who tune their cheap -ss nokias with f-cking loud speakers and play the same monophonic ringtone again and again repeatedly in the f-cking bus or train and never get bored with it. they always appear to have different opinions and comments about it.

3-they’re f-ckin dumb

4- they’re broke as f-ck like they’re male counterparts (mats)

5-you can find them at any void deck of any hdb flats in singapore. they’re usually in large groups, of about 8, playing sh-t music on some cheap -ss guitar, sharing a cigarette.

they’re comparable to the blondes of america except, they’re f-cken ugly like 90% of the time.

if u get called a minah, u’ve been insulted beyond recognition. its so bad, u’ll lose the purpose of living.
hey minah, can u shut that f-ck cheap -ss nokia of urs?

first dude: dude, i think im gonna die, god is sending me signs, that minah just winked at me.

second dude: daym!!
a really adorable girl who has the hottest legs and the best personality
friend 1: omg that girl is so… idek how to describe her
friend 2: you mean shes a “minah”?
friend 1: omg yes
person who is undeniably funny in the cute kind of way. always fun to talk to.
bob: how was shakeout?
minah: shakeout?
bob: the day everyone pretended there was an earthquake?
minah: ohhhh! we just call that “the one day when we do an earthquake drill. xd”
bad-ss herion rock/baggy couture chic.
else whiles wears – bikersungl-sses. baggy pants. black hightop converse or marc jacobs for her big -ss beads. and you know the rest. marykate/ sienna miller.
i love my darling minah here! so fashion-ssy

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