a small, desolate hicktown in cental north dakota. full of hillbillies who love nascar, drinking at sad lonely bars and populating the world with more hillbillies. used to describe a sad, hopless state of mind.
man my mom died, i ran over my cat and i’m broke – it’s like i’m in minot.

i listened to the cure all day…now i feel like i’ve lived in minot all my life.
in french, a child in the south eastern part (m-rs-ille…)
oh minot arrête de guincher !
a small, productive town in west central north dakota. famous for the 2011 flood and the oil-boom which is leading to an enormous amount of job opportunity. also, the locals refer to it as the “california” of the north because of the popularity of the marijuana industry. the minot police department reported that 87% of the residents under the age of 30 agreed to enjoying “getting high.”
if we go to north dakota we have to visit minot.
a small hick town in maine that has nothing to do but smoke and fornicate and the girls there are haggard
dude that chick has got no teeth must be from minot
a large town in north central nd, that most percive as stupid, hillbillyish, and a town for the lazy.(by the way, a lot of those people calling it that need to get a f-cking job and quit mocking towns… i mean, how low can you go? who mocks towns? get a life). anyway, minot’s population has grow in large numbers over the years and is known for it’s carnival.
i really need to find some work. maybe there’s something in minot.
minot is in very north central nd and is full of cracked out injuns and other welfare sucking people who are too lazy to get a real job. it is one of the nastiest, dirtiest, hilly, quazi-cities i’ve been in. if minot were a color it would be grey, or diarrhea green. i wouldn’t call em hillbillies, i’d call em more like oil rig cast offs looking for loose cheap wh-r-s and something to kill the pain of being for a while.
two dogs humping, i don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be going to minot anymore. you always come back suicidal.

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