s-xy as chick 🙂
blondish hair , and tallish.
she is a mad kient. (y)
yeeee, and you love her. 🙂
boy 1: look its mirabelle!
boy 2: ahhhh, is my hair perfected?
-mirabelle walks past-
-boy 1 and 2 drools-
a very beautiful girl, who denies it, she is sweet, nice, kind, and smart. she is fun to be around, and is very good at drawing, making friends,yeah… you know you love her
boy 1,”that girl is such a mirabelle.”
an old witch who liked to eat small children. she lived in a cave in bad salzig, germany, and preyed on the children of the town.
aaagh, watch out for that baby-eating-mirabelle!

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