an amazing, beautiful, perfect woman. the name of the most outstanding woman. no one could ever compare to this woman. a smile and laugh that will bring joy to any person. not a single flaw her body is amazingly fit, tall, breathtaking beautiful, ect. the list could go on forever. amazing brown eyes that anyone would get lost in. a woman that is caring with a good sense of hummer. also, loves to be sarcastic. could get someone to fall in love with her just by walking by. extremely irresistible! just the most perfect person on earth. just a great person all around.

not only her looks but her personality is also amazing! she is just an amazing girl all around, and i’m in love with her. i love this little asian beauty.
nothing compares to mizraim
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1.adjective. used to describe a terrorist act.
2.a really dumb, lazy terrorist. a ticking time bomb.
1.if you can plant c4s on yourself on cod4, you’ll be busting a mizra!

2.-while playing cod4-
mizraim: man..that burning car is a ticking time bomb..
david: mann… you’re a ticking time bomb.
mizraim: -silence-

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