to explain or compare something using so many abstract similies and metaphors that your audience no longer understands what you are talking about.
i was stunned by his moles when he started comparing my eyes to the temperature of the gulf of mexico in the summer.
6.02×10 to the 23rd. used to find number of atoms and molecules.
big -ss number used in physical science and physics
a really s-xy animal that lives mainly underground
dad: ahh no, look at that lump in the lawn, we must have moles
me: ooooo great! -runs out to molest moles-
a spy, an informer/snitch. someone who penetrates/enters a circle of friends or organization for the sole purpose of gathering sensitive or cl-ssified information and leaking it to an opposing or competing group.
we have a mole in our organization and we don’t know who it is, so watch your back and don’t give out sensitive information to anyone.
1.a word used to describe a person (usually female) who is extremely ugly, disfigured, fat, or smelly. who is not appealing at all to members of the opposite s-x.

3.a word used to describe someone who p-sses another off or is annoying
1. “kaitlin has nothing going for her. she is a mole.”

2. gary: did you see that chick?
steve: yeah, she is a mole

3. jane: hey amy
amy: f-ck off jane, you mole
a dark black, brown, or similar colored growth found on the skin. it resembles a freckle but it’s raised.
the man had a cancerous mole removed from his arm.
combination of tobacco and weed mixed together with a grinder.
“i’m gunna make a mole”
if you actually go look up the term ‘mole’ in the dictionary it has the real meaning. the often derogatory term that people often confuse mole for is moll. that’s right. m-o-l-l.

moll audio pr-nunciation of “moll” ( p ) pr-nunciation key (ml)
n. slang

1. a woman companion of a gunman or gangster.
2. a woman prost-tute.

this is where the derogatory term was derived from, so you are infact all spelling it wrong.
moll – not mole
that b-tch is a fat moll and none of you can spell for sh-t. it is not mole.

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