a s-x bomb who gives extreme pleasure in the bedroom, likes to send nudes and even some unsightly videos
wow! that girl just did a mollie-anne

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  • dyk* bait

    a hetero woman that a dyk- will try to turn lesbian they’re all over me. i can’t help it that i’m dyk- bait.

  • miner's stew

    the dirty remnants on a male p-n-s upon withdrawing from the -n-s after thoroughly -ss mining one’s partner. carl told his girlfriend to prep her -ss better next time before letting him mine and plunder her bung. the last time produced way too much miner’s stew to his liking.

  • dirty mikala

    when a girl fills her mouth with chocolate syrup before sucking on a man’s b-lls and scr-t-m, while the man eats cherries. hey honey, i got the best cherries for the dirty mikala tonight.

  • permanent dust collector

    a s-x toy you spent too much money on, that you didn’t like after you tried, so it sits there collecting dust because you can’t sell it. “i wasted money on a permanent dust collector.”

  • bizzn*ss

    gangsta lingo for “business”. “stay the f-@% up outta my bizzn-ss!” ~ luda

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