absolute stud that crushes mad puss
if you can be any superhero in the world who would you be ? mordente

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  • fashion general

    you never heard of the fashion general? they are the people who tell you what to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it. the fashion general is heeeeeeeere~!

  • two tone post malone

    a neapolitan p-n-s. consisting of a dark lower shaft and a lighter shaft from the middle of the shaft to the tip. “man danny mountain has a giant two tone post malone”

  • zieare

    well, zieare is a fine -ss person like you’ll never meet a person like him he makes me smile when i see him his man hood is really huge ♥ zieare is a fine -ss lighskin/darkskin

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    when the government screws you out of your real estate and they claim it’s in the best interest of the public. the city took a piece of real estate from me through intimate domain and didn’t buy me dinner.

  • sh*gundy

    a sh-gundy is a big b-tch like a girl who is more than fat almost to the point were she can not walk through a door . almost to the point they create tiny earthquakes as they walk that sh-gundyover there got stuck in the door trying to walk through it

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