absolute jack-ss.
you f-cking morder.
a moron who wont stop arguing even when he is 100% wrong (which is always)
i am a regular because i have 400 connections
placing multiple orders with your business, company, sale, etc. more orders = morders.
she enjoyed working with me, so she let me know she would be making morders in the future.
1. gigamonkey and kittymor’s lovechild.
2. spammer from the community.
3. lame -ss dipsh-t whom the powers that be at voogru were dumb enough to allow to play on their server, starting a spiralling downfall of the community to the point where i will rarely play on it.
omg morder ruined voogru!
similar to a “quayle-ism”. when one says something that is totally nonsensical and causes others to mock and belittle you. also, a small north american rodent who eats feces.
you keep talking that morder sh-t and i’m going to have to beat you to death.
an absolute moron, totally wrecks every game of ns he plays in, and any other hl mod for that reason.
morder disconnected.
aliens win!
morder connected.
morder disconnected.
morder connected.
morder disconnected.
morder connected.
morder disconnected.
morder connected.
morder disconnected.
morder connected.
morder disconnected.
morder connected.
morder disconnected.
morder connected.
a lame as$ idiot from the voogru community. cant play, asks stupid questions and abuses reserved slot to let his gay friends join.
morder connects
multimastah has left the game
dont let ccnncc99 make 😐 signs
morder has left the game
orion connects

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