describing most of the most
i love you…
well i love you more!…
well i love you the most!…
well i love you the

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  • bust a spring

    to have hard s-x on a bed made with springs. if done hard enough you might “bust a spring”. guy 1: i’m gonna bust a spring with amy tonight! guy 2: niiiiiiiice!

  • stoshing out

    stoshing out …. a northern tasmanian way of saying you have f-cked up hard ! “bec is “stoshing out” really hard! did you hear about k-mar : he broke mountain biking , he really stoshed out this time !

  • smonking

    when you smoke weed and sucking d-ck at the same time hey did you know that esteban was smonking he so gay

  • kellapogosfection

    urban dictionary: kellerman drunk

  • chickaler

    it means whatever you want it to mean. chickaler guys, how are you?

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