moving on to bigger and better things
if you cheat on me i will motbabt.

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  • brotaki

    a combination of bro and taki that sounds pretty cool so therefore should be on this site lit -ss person: yoooooo, brotaki wanna catch a movie? another lit -ss person: brotaki, i’m always down for a movie cuz u a lit -ss person that uses brotaki.

  • bavarian kiss

    kiss someone after performing anilingus on them. taudl loved to bavarian kiss because the taste her own -sshole on johann’s tongue was delicious.

  • burn in p*ss

    1. to say to something you really hate. 2. a jokeful insult. -sshole antlion: cave story is 4 furries u fsuck me: burn in p-ss

  • get a perm

    when someone is an absolute -rs-hole and you want to insult them in the worst possible way. mario pulled into my parking spot. i had my car indicator on, and was waiting patiently for the traffic to p-ss before i pulled in to the kerb. just as i was about to drive forward, mario came […]

  • superman doggy style

    admit it, you came here from love island. no one knows apart from marcel and dom. marcel did you do superman doggy style on gabby?

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