a movie education
you need to brush up on your moviecation

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  • brlayn

    has the best p-ssy and will make someone catch deep feelings. is very loveable but is a handfull and is also worth it. is very faithful can be clingy if they are attracted to you. will do anything for their soulmate to keep them happy and having s-x with them is like a dream. they […]

  • ground shorts

    a half smoked cigarette found on the ground by homeless people. also known as a “sussdown”. you see that b-m over there lookin for ground shorts?

  • purely p*ssy

    the men’s equivalent of “strictly d-ckly” a way a hetero dude defines being straight. alex: hey greg, i think that dude is checking you out … you gonna hit up on that ??? greg: nah man, i’m purely p-ssy.

  • rednip

    another word for pimple omg dude, i cant get rid of this rednip on my nose!

  • pizza brain

    when someone mentions pizza and you suddenly realize it’s all you ever wanted. you now can’t focus on anything else unless it’s pizza. aww man i can’t talk about this now, i got pizza brain. get me a f-cking slice!

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