m-th- f-cka -sshole screeeecher slang for big fat-ss c-ck with giant v-g-n-
mr.fisher oh wait… mr.f-ckfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Multi Colours

    consists of different colours i believe that rainbows have multi colours

  • multi-text story

    story involving multiple texts to tell. girl one: tell me your dumb -ss story. girl two: are you sure its definitely a multi-text story? girl one: yea b-tch.

  • mumblitis

    the condition where one exaggerates any and all minor illnesses. also exaggerates any physical blemish such as bug bites, rashes, scr-pes, cuts etc. mendelson- call the ambulance i am paralyzed. me- relax mendelson your foot fell asleep. i.e – mumblitis

  • Munching Off

    a hybrid of munching and jacking off. when under the influence of chron-doggy, some people’s munching crosses over into s-xual experience. the other night, i ordered the entire value menu at mcdonalds and started munching off in front of my friends, like they weren’t even there…

  • munday

    1. a bad -ss 2. single-handedly holding the shop together 3. one who is a smooth with women “that munday, he is the best f-cking falcon 13 that ever lived!” 1 more definition a form of -n-l fisting originating in northern ireland. “greig showed kelso how he really mundays other guys”

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