“mra” means “men’s rights activist.”

an mra is a white man who insists against all evidence and decency that white men are oppressed and than women and minorities are “revered and privileged.”

an mra would never support the rights of those men who truly are at a disadvantage in our society: h-m-s-xual and black men. instead, he leaves campaigning for lgbt rights and minorities’ rights to the “evil evil c-nt bull dyk-s” aka feminists.

an mra sits on a huge pile of white and male privilege and keeps whining that he is oppressed.
an mra loves pat robertson and bill o’reilly, thinks that fox news is the one and only reliable delivery mechanism for news, is a psychotic bible thumper who believes that women were made from “adam’s rib,” w-nks to rush limbaugh, supports the religious right, and has never finished high school.
acronym for a group called men’s rights activists.

i.e. – a bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs the majority of the world.
– hey, you hear about that guy in marketing that complains about his ex-wife all the time?
— yeah, i heard that he just got a raise and tried to take his ex to court to reduce his child support.
– jeez, what a mra.
an mra is a troglodyte that writes “women’s rights — roflol!“ and “a woman is the useless skin around the v-g-n-” on urban dictionary.

an mra thinks that a woman should be locked in the kitchen and “slammed and beaten” (a quote). they are scared sh-tless that one day women might become truly equal and try to use all kinds of defamations and con artistry to keep women down.
mra 1: wanna hear a joke?
mra 2: yeah.

mra 1: women’s rights!
mra 2: hahahahahaha
= men run amok

the most screaming announcement of insecurity and masculine shortcomings short of two pit bulls in a lifted 4×4 truck with a “no fear” sticker on the window.

they never live up to the “no fear” slogan though.

an mra is always suffering from little man’s complex.

hates women because they wouldn’t give him the time of day.
an mra is an evil loser.
the term “mra” stand for “men’s rights activists.”

it is a backlash group against women’s rights and feminism. other backlash groups include the kkk and “white pride” who wish to reverse the rights of blacks by arguing that white people are oppressed. similarly, mras want to abolish women’s rights by lying that men are oppressed. also, groups like kkk have been known to support violence against blacks, and mras are known for their support of violence against women. both groups argue that blacks and women should stop “whining” and that racism/misogyny are not real.
an mra will tell you how much “man-hate” there is in modern society while he insists

– that women should make him a sammich and then suck his puny genitals,
– that it is justified that women earn less than men of comparable qualification, age, education, tenure, and occupation,
– that violence against women is no biggie and women “cry” rape anyway,
– that the p-rn industry is all about “female empowerment,” and
– that women are inferior because … the bible said so, shakespeare, moore, hemingway, his uneducated daddy, his baseball coach, the media, and 99% of male internet users.
mra means “men’s rights activist”. no seriously. there are actually people who are so stupid they think that men are oppressed anywhere in the world. just sit and think about the laughably small brain it takes to be an mra.

while research on the feeding habits of mras is limited, feminists tend to speculate that they were fed paint in lieu of breast milk as a child. this would explain the intense mental r-t-rdation they have as adults.

feminist scholars also have concluded that mras are actually crab people who intend to shove womin back into slavery (you might not notice too much of a difference), and then kill all the men and rule the earth themselves. it is thus suggested that you throw all mras on a grill and fry them to death. do not eat them; the mra carries many fatal illnesses such as stupid, herpes, and feline aids (they are known to f-ck their cats, just like new agers!)
tabitha: fire up the grill; we got an mra coming!
jessica: holy sh-t, would you look at the size of that ego! he must of drank a whole lot of chemicals as a baby!
an “mra” is a “masculinist.”

a “masculinist” is “an advocate of male superiority or dominance” (merriam webster dictionary online).
ergo, an “mra” = “masculinist” is supremacis vermin with mommy issues and the urge to hurt, demean, and murder women.

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