mood rite music
icon: which rap group kills everyyyy track?
flash: mrm
mood rite music
icon: what is the best rap group ever?
flash: mrm
a guys who is not a great thinker, one who’s says something then immediately goes back on what he just said.

a douchebag.

someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about
man that guy is such a mr.m
mall rat mafia

this makes up all the mall rats at west edmonton mall
official colors are black and purple
within two days, we had 200 members of mrm.
text speak for more r-t-rded than most.

when one does stupid things.

when a person says things or does things inappropriately
why does he always act like such an -ss and continue to do stupid sh-t?
oh, he’s just mrm.

did you see holley tryin to flirt and pick up that dude? she is truly mrm!

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