very fun person to be with. they are fun in a silly and messed up way. they change their crushes very often and can be very awkward. also they are really good twerker
did you see muallas twerking video.
h-llya she twerks just like a mualla
who is mualla?
mualla is a cute, adorable girl, who so too shy for her appearance. but when u get to know her, u see her strong character. she has a unique laugh, that makes you want to laugh even if your having a bad day, her face crinkles up, leaving the most serious people saying”awww”. mualla is short, but she gets around, she often needs a taller person to help her out, but she usually has one. she loves to travel, and she loves to walk too. she is a princess, an adventurer, and always manages to get first place. she is the cutest thing ever, just like a teddy bear. you will often find yourself trying your hardest not to hug her, because it is quite tempting when you lay eyes on her. her eyes will make you blush and melt your heart. lastly, she is pretty d-mn good at badminton
man, she is almost as pretty is mualla

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