mud puddles
look at all those muddles!!
unintentional male-on-male cuddling which happens as the result of having to share a bed in a cr-ppy hotel room due to a non-existant travel budget.
garrett: dude, wtf-ck was that all about last night? you were trying to muddle with me all night!

brandon: sorry bro, i forgot i was sleeping with your stupid -ss in this lame motel. my bad. i thought you were my girlfriend.

garrett: f-ck off, i’m gonna go brush my teeth.
the contraction that is accidentally formed when a person is trying to say muddy puddle.
dude why did you push me in that muddle.


d-mnit i meant muddy puddle

you’re r-t-rded
muddles is a form of cuddling which include wondering hand syndrome which leads to s-xual intercourse.

foreplay under pretense of cuddling =)
hey baby, did you want to come over for some muddles?
a puddle of mud that is frankly…disgusting.
“ahhhhhh! i just stepped in a muddle! now i have mud all over my shoes. my brand new shoes! it’s like a puddle–but it has muuuuuud.”
a dirty word used to describe many s-xual acts usually fornication between two consenting adults.
“ooohh baby im going to muddle the f–k out of you tonight!”
its a little puddle of “mud”
when you go hiking after a rainy day, you have to watch those muddles.
when you get you’re baby dressed up to go out and as you’re leaving you find him/her out side standing in a puddle of mud , so you take her inside and change her and when you’re on the way she starts crying and you reach for her bottle only to realize that u left it at home , and you tell her thats what u get for stepping in the muddle ….mud+puddle+bottle
” gaby why did u have to step in that muddle”

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