1. saying stupid things
2. saying confusing things
3. saying annoying things
i am getting sick of all your mumbo-jumboness!

your mumbo-jumboness is making is p-ss-ng me off.

your mumbo-jumboness is driving me crazy.

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  • unparalleled

    that of which makes no sense when descibing the universe in writing 50. the pacelli’s use of the english language is unparalleled to the rest of the world.

  • consistentize

    to make consistent. let’s consistentize our breathing in that musical phrase.

  • consorte

    word used in cuban slang meaning friend,pal,dude,buddy,brother. que bola mi consorte !

  • e-advertiser

    someone online who announces certain accomplishments or upcoming events in a public forum, such as msn, online games, message boards… etc. in many instances they will just slip it in a sentence to make it subtle, when it fact it’s a blatant e-advertis-m-nt. the advertising is usually s-xual conquest, or just a big “to-do” list […]

  • flying beaver

    when you throw a naked girl into the air. person 1: i spy with my little eye, a flying beaver! person 2: dude, stop staring into jimmy’s window.

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