literally anything
“what’s your drink flavor?” oh, you know, just mutabla.

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  • justin wiggins

    someone who is very angry because he has a small p-n-s. friend 1- “hey” friend 2- “dude shut up” friend 1- “quit being such a justin wiggins .”

  • arav

    s-xy motherf-cker with amazing hair and plays amazing guitar. arav is sleeping. arav is eating.

  • meat to seat

    when a man sits down to drop a coal dumpling and his p-n-s lays on the toilet seat i caught pimp drip cause i went meat to seat at the mall bathroom.

  • jaikelys

    s-xy -ss female that keeps falling for some n-gg- named andres but anyways she bout loyal asf and has streaks with everyone you can trust her with your soul 🙂 she makes a great bestfriend that girl jaikelys is hot yo!

  • somalian pool party

    when you go to the toilet and take a big dump and don’t flush leaving abdi and he’s friends to chill in bowl hence the somalian pool party. example 1. guy 1: hey guy 2 i gotta go take a sh-t ill be back asap -7minutes p-ss- guy 1: hey your toilet flush b-tton isn’t […]

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