the msn messenger code that displays a “thumbs down” emoticon.
failure. (n)

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  • hallway meeting

    when people in an office talk business loudly in the middle of the hallway for several minutes or more. it is especially annoying when they could easily go into their nearby office and not distract anyone around them. i can’t get any work done because the big wigs are having a hallway meeting near me. […]

  • coochie cutters

    overly tight shorts, or pants, which conform to every fold, nook, and cranny – front and back – of the person wearing them. see camel toe they are generally the sad result of hot pants, daisy dukes, and spandex being worn by the wrong d-mn woman. see blubber b-tt. if you see a young lady […]

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    noun: when a person attempts to be sarcastic, but the other person believes their words to be serious. a: omg i weigh 115, i’m an effing elephant! b: yes we might as well call you dumbo and give you wings. a: what do you mean? b: chillax! don’t be realcastic.

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