shortening of the word “poonani” which is slang for v-g-n- or p-ssy.
“i know i was supposed to play xbox but there was nani and alcohol to be had”

j-panese for “what?”

you’re always hearing this in anime and reading it in manga, and it’s basically a simple response to anything confusing, offensive, or mysterious.

can be used in virtually any situation. plus you sound all cosmopolite if you can speak in j-panese.
1) “nani?”
trans: i beg your pardon?

2) “nani?!”
t: did you just say what i think you said?!

3) “nani kore?”
t: what is this?

4) “nani…”
t: this is all so mysterious and intriguing…i wonder what it all could mean.

have fun.
nani is hawaiian it means beautiful.
nani is my sistahs name.
a mysterious species; one the rarest kind. portrayed as free yet held in captivity to man-kind. nothing you know too much about but somehow you can never get to know her quite enough; persona so loud you could hear her in the silence.
it’d be my pleasure to ever be aquatinted with someone like a nani
punani shortened

slang for v-g-n-
james: woah man look at that sl-t
steve: she must hav a loose nani
shortening of the word “poonani” which is slang for v-g-n- or p-ssy.
“i know i was supposed to play xbox but there was nani and alcohol to be had”
when your girlfriend / girl threatens any woman who looks at you or try’s to partake in any casual conversation with you.

when your girlfriend / girl is very protective of you or think’s every girl want’s you.
guy1 – “yeah, my girl almost fought this chick because she was looking at me!”
guy2 – “ah d-mn man, you got a nani!”

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